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It is “Max’s” words you will read and “Max’s” voice you will hear.

  WARNING: For mature audiences only!  

Here is but one of several shocking statements he made:

“Christianity can stifle your growth.”

Here is a voice message from “Max” to a colleague:

“Max’s” voice message.

This is “Max” Unmasked™

“Max” on Scott Presler

In League with the Devil

About “Max”

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The intent of this site is to expose the true character of the individual known as “Max”. He is not who he portrays himself to be.

There are multiple purposes to this website:

  1. To enlighten and alert people to the unorthodox and unholy activities of the individual known as “Max”;
  2. To prevent others from being duped by him as so many unsuspecting loyal followers have; and
  3. To provide an opportunity to tell Your Story.
  4. To encourage you to pray for the individual known as “Max”.

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” ~ John 8:32