Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted.” ~ Matthew 23:12

“Max’s hypocrisy will be one of the biggest hurdles for him. He’s banned people for less. In fact, he’s made a sport of it. He loves the attention he gets and the power he feels.

By doing so, he has ensured his chat is a cult echo chamber where no one can disagree with him or introduce an original thought or opinion. He fears divergent ideas that bring to question his intelligence or understanding—that is the epitome of beta.

Banning people, especially those engaging in reasonable conversation, should be a big deal and not something done on an emotional whim or de facto silencing opposition. That’s pro-censorship, and something Conservatives should be especially leary of. Censorship always devolves.

What makes it worse is he hides behind a mask of religiosity and patriotism. Free speech is a strictly American ideal. Sure, he can say it’s a private chat and he makes the rules—he can do what he wants. But should he? Free speech is a founding principle and should mean more to him than a mere matter of legality.”

–The Voice of the Banished

“Mr. Socratic method” is ignorant on many things science/statistics and has a delicate ego who can’t stand to be challenged. Anyone who disagrees with this shill is dismissed as an “agent provocateur” or “low IQ moron.” As such, he’s quick to block any non-cult member who points out holes in his one dimensional thinking. I was banned out of the blue without warning for some benign comment Mr. Fragile didn’t like. A Beta who lectures about masculinity…truly laughable.


On the advice of a friend, I followed “Max” on Twitter. I enjoyed his take on things, especially the polling data he would comment on. I always wondered why he did not reveal himself to the public. Seemed strange to me and made me wonder why. When he decided to take some time off to deal with “personal” issues, it made me curious. What were the issues? Why won’t he reveal himself and tell his followers why he was taking time off? It all seemed to lack transparency. We didn’t know his identity, he now has to take time off to “get better, he’s battling demons”, etc. Basically, I thought he was giving everyone the runaround.

I called him out on it. I asked why he didn’t reveal who he was? Why is it such a big secret? Who is he hiding from? This got be banned from commenting in his chatroom for the second time. I got banned months ago for asking if poll places were going to be rigged for the primaries.

Anyway, my suspicions were proven to be true. I hope he can get the help he needs.

–Stephen Lukaszweski

Update: Since being banned from the chatroom on August 2nd, 2022, Stephen has now been banned from the channel. Here’s what occurred:

After MaximusUncensored.com came out, I questioned Roxie Balboa asking her how could she support this man? I was called “son” and was told I was “gullible.” I thought this was demeaning and wanted to respond and call her a “cee you next Tuesday,” but being a gentleman, I refrained. She banned me anyway (the two screenshots below—Roxie’s comments are in the left-side chat bubbles).

–Stephen Lukaszweski

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