His mouth is full of curses and deceit and oppression; under his tongue is mischief and wickedness.” ~ Psalms 10:7

Max’s message to Jacquie when she wasn’t able to commit to paying for and attending his upcoming seminar.

Let me tell you about this right now. I want to tell you something. You don’t Missy she’s a fucking bitch. You know what she’s a fucking bitch. You know what she’s doing right now. She’s in in my DM and I had because I had forwarded her my tweet. I said look we won. Hey, it’s great news, and she’s responding like oh, where do we want? What do you mean? We won who’s saying it? I said I called it correctly. I said even watching my feet and she’s been following my feet for days on telegram. She says, you know, I can’t read your messages because you’ve got thousands of replies and I can’t tell who’s who in other words. She’s in on censored watching things.And she’s just pretending she can’t read it. So I sent her. Hey, we won and she goes what do you mean we want to say look what I said posted yesterday. I got it down. It’s gonna be a one to three point race. Just like I said, She’s like well and I said and she goes who’s calling it I said well decision desk and I need a heavy hitter than that. I said the decision desk I said, how about Nate cone at the New York Times? How about David Wasserman from National Journal? I said, I mean would they do she goes I need to I need somebody heavier. I said who Fox to call it. I said, well, you know, it’s a blah and I’m sitting there and I’m going down you realize that I have called this race. I mean, you know we’ve won and I don’t know why you’re playing the California liberal right now. You know, I don’t understand that why you’re being so you’re good, you know fraud in this now I’m saying oh bullshit on that. I said toodles I said, I’ve got to move on I got bigger things to fry. I gotta start thinking about 2022 you can sit there and rot, but I went just a fucking bitch that woman as I can’t stand her guts and she just comes out of the woodwork just to throw cold water on it and the thing is the iron irony in all this is she starts bringing this up days ago to me about how she can’t read my telegram Channel and then I’m going back. Hey look we want here’s and see the see the feed can’t you read the feed and I mentioned I was mentioning to her previously my feet and she won’t even then say good job, or that’s great. Nothing. She pulls this bullshit out right now ever since um, our big argument our second or third big. Well, we’ve had several but ever since our big like complete separation conversation friendship in late last November right around Thanksgiving when she was really active. Everything I was saying on Twitter analyzing The Fallout and and whatnot ever since then. She’s been on this. Let me throw cold water on whatever you’re doing kind of shit stick of hers and with the brief exception of her reaching out six seven eight nine months ago just to see what I was doing because I was too quiet for six months and she was noticing I was getting to be she just Reus her head to stick her bullshit in my in in my face and I can’t stand her guts. I really she really thinks she’s something special and what is she doing now? She’s going she goes I’m out in the real world, but real friends having drinks. What the fuck? Is that supposed to mean? What the fuck? Is that supposed to mean we’re winning elections. Do you see the people I’m talking to online does you see? Well, that’s not reality. You know, what’s reality sitting there? What a fucking cocktail in your mouth and your hand. Getting drunk and enjoying every bit of your 50 years of age and you look at when you don’t have your filters on your phone your on your pictures. A fucking what a fucking joke, that is can’t stand that woman. Anyways, I’m done venting. I’m gonna go have dinner and watch Dallas. Ciao.