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    #MaxAbuse Stories…

    I commented, “So much for that red wave,” after the midterms on one of his posts, and he blocked me for it.


    Wow; I feel so deceived. After paying my 1 year of membership up front, I did notice that Max wasn’t posting as much content, which was disappointing. Was it all a scam to get people to pay and then he’s out?! And now all of this…I’m still in shock.

    Does anyone know his true identity and background? Is everything he’s shared about being a former professor and archaeologist even true?

    Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing….


    It was nearly two years ago when I started following “Max.” After reading through this website reading his words and hearing him speak, I’m shocked to learn he is not at all who I thought he was. This person is vile and evil.

    As a devout Christian woman, I cannot support anyone who is in league with the devil.

    I will pray for his soul, although it appears the sale was final. As far as I know, the devil doesn’t do “refunds.”


    The demon and sex stuff is bizarre and clearly he thinks of himself as a cult leader.


    Wow! He’s “beckoning” demons? How can anyone on his team justify staying involved? Or are they into that dark stuff too?


    Wow this max guy is a bigger whack job than I could have guessed.


    Everybody on his page treats him like he’s a god or some sort of hero even though he hasn’t posted much or given much new analysis. He loves being loved.

    My interest is waning as max is not posting much content. I was hoping to hear more about the “vicious attack” he said happened to him but it sort of disappeared in favor of “Max is back now give him money”.


    One time about a month ago I actually got into a little spat with Max in the comments. It was over something really petty. He took my comment personally for some reason then became very petulant when I tried to explain it wasn’t. One of the mods stepped in and gave me a 24 hour time out.

    The guy is very emotional and immature. Probably why he’s always seeking validation and praise.


    “Max” is a pathetic figure. Frauds like this reveal themselves for what they are. “Max” is his own worst enemy.


    Whoever this person is, he should not be allowed near children.

    He should not be doing anything with young scholars.


    Not only is this man a narcissist, he’s a pathological liar. How can we ever trust him again to tell us the truth? Even when he says he’s being truthful, he’s probably lying.

    He presents himself as a born again Pentecostal Christian—who worships demons? And curses like a sailor behind closed doors?

    Look up “hypocrite” in the dictionary. Pretty sure I saw his picture there.