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Max’s message to Jacquie when she wasn’t able to commit to paying for and attending his upcoming seminar.

TRANSCRIPT: a yeah, I made Jackie a A warrior so Roxy kind of did I kind of told her to talk to her because I don’t want to talk to Jackie too much Jackie. Sometimes she doesn’t know she sticks all these words in there and I can’t have trouble reading her sentences sometimes but anyways, she seems to be a very good friend of Kathy bees and Kathy being quiet originally and all this other kind of stuff and Jackie’s been really good and I kind of feel bad because she such a good paying customer and everything now, I want to make this clear. I’m not gonna she makes She’s made a ton of money and my opinion because she’s posted it. I remember her posting it in the room saying oh my husband made $10,000 a week when he went into his own business and we retired very also the kind of stuff. So I look she’s if she has even if she has a somewhat fixed income, there’s no reason to as far as guesting the or having the let the Warriors and the angels attend for free. If they have money and they want to pay like I’ve been doing with Kathy B. I don’t I’m not gonna start. I just want to make this a point. I’m not gonna start having them as guests and letting them come for free or whatever anything like that. They can still pay. So Jackie doesn’t change your status at all, but I figured I’d make her feel important maybe lock in her loyalty a little bit because she did leave Dave’s room. So but she’s friends with. You know with Dave, I don’t know to what extent I think Kathy V maybe a little more involved, but it’s hard to say. But they’re both older ladies and you know, I don’t know. I just I felt like you know what we’ll just let her come and we’ll let her below we’ll let her stick around. As a warrior she can’t be any worse than Holly right? So, you know, we’ll see how that goes. I’m never gonna make any either of them angels. I mean Kathy B, before it ever do Jackie, it’s Jackie would Jackie’s not that technical savvy. So that’s kind of bugs me about her. That’s why it didn’t want to another reason why I don’t want to make a warrior, but we’ll see how that goes. We need good Warriors. I think they’ll be great. I think she’d like to work as an assistant, but we have to restrict the Warriors to they can’t be dealing with any any spreadsheet stuff. Let’s put it like that. You know what I’m saying? Neither can most of the angels I try to keep them locked out.

Well, appreciate the damage control. Thank you so much. That was such a sweet message earlier that you left me there. I appreciate that might. My thing is I really appreciate that for someone to say that’s really nice of you. I feel the same way. I don’t want any. Thing to get Disturbed mean I’m glad that you feel that that’s the only thing. That’s you’re worried about is me getting Disturbed. That makes me feel better. You know, I’ve been through this so many times but I mean, it’s like now I’m Kim lately. I’ve been getting hit art. Well first well last month. It’s all coming on the heels of a very exhausting couple of months in January in February. And then now what all of this something like we’re getting trolled a lot lately and the Tracy thing is really retarded. You know, she may just go away. Hopefully she will but The I don’t know what’s up with Becca. Jackie keeps like just being a little bit of a prick. And she said she couldn’t do three more people through more kids. Well, she’s gonna have to cough up the full price to attend the seminar, you know, of course young scholars and if she starts not attending to save money. Given her performance. I think that we should just kind of like dismiss her as a warrior on that note. How’s it coming with those people you were interviewing? I haven’t heard anything about them in about a week. I know we’ve had stuff going on but haven’t really heard anything more on them. I know you were traveling and stuff. But I hope you got somebody that we can bring on. Well, I’ve only posted once about it so we can post again and promote it. I’m sure we’ll get more people, you know trying out for it. But yeah, there’s a lot of people that my opinion are kind of acting stupid and I don’t want to get too worked up about Jackie or anything else the hell with her. You know, I I just I don’t care. and become more important things to think about, you know this week. I’m going to be focused on my car first or start at the beginning of the week my car and my tooth tomorrow, hopefully all that’s taken care of tomorrow that may very well be And then the rest of the week, I’m going to I have to do some stuff for my mom. so there’s a couple of days or I have to do some stuff for my mom and so, you know. If and then we have, you know, we’re two weeks out from Young Scholars. So I gotta start promoting that I think we’ll do it later this week. I’ll send you round one next Sunday, maybe if I’m I remember. But get with Roxy and let’s get a firm numbers. How many are attending? I’d like to see that. um really if we didn’t have all this drama’d be a little bit easier, but okay. Well, then rebuilding let’s let’s all promote that to and let’s get a few more people interviewing for that. I’d like to have a new Warrior installed or two by the time young scholars rolls around so hopefully that’ll happen. That’s about it. I think you know, but The ndas and all that. Well, you can handle that whenever Like that work that’s actually works out better, you know if the longer it takes and away because we want to bring the new people on board and have them sign it. It’s about it.

Something going on with Roxy. That’s all I have to say. Something going on rocks. You must be having a bad Friday and she’s trying not to show it. She’s really good at concealing her feelings. I have to give her that and I’m not really that annoyed with her. It’s just little tidbits. I know she’s one hundred percent invested regarding the rest of what you said. I don’t have any excuse for Jackie. I don’t know what’s up with her. Maybe she’s having a bad day and she’s drinking again. She’s pretty loyal Bree is is you know Bri, I mean she’s got issues. I don’t know about Kathy Bradford and I don’t have any excuse for her and I have no excuse for Nicole’s just never she’s not even part of the team anymore friend and all Essence. She’s not so I don’t know what to say about that with Kathy Bradford, though.We have to have a meeting and I’m going to have to call a meeting, you know, so I’m going to leave a message for Roxy about that. My mom loved it said excellent. Excellent. She want that excellent the best you’ve ever done. There’s nothing you could have done better fabulous from start to finish. She was going on and on about it now to me so she really love that. She’s the biggest fan of it. She goes in that kid was so cute. You should have seen the way he was kind of like making all these facial expressions and everything. I couldn’t see him. I only saw him for a minute.