Trademark Cease and Desist Letter

August 2, 2022


Re: Trademark Infringement

Dear Mr. :

owns and operates Maximus Uncensored LLC (the “Company”).

The Company also owns trademarks associated with its business, a sample of which is to this letter for your reference (the “Trademark”).

It has come to our attention that you and/or your business, , are using Trademarks owned by Maximus Uncensored LLC (the “Infringing Trademark).

These Trademarks provide Maximus Uncensored LLC with certain proprietary rights, including the right to monitor and restrict the unauthorized use of said Trademarks, or confusingly similar trademarks, in association with non-Company products or services. 

Your actions constitute trademark infringement under both state and federal law, including the Lanham Act (15 U.S.C. §§1051-1127). Remedies for such infringement can include payment of actual and treble damages, recovery of profits, reimbursement of attorney’s fees, and may also include injunctions against your further use of the Infringing Trademark and the seizure of infringing materials. 

You are hereby ordered to immediately discontinue any use of the Infringing Trademark in association with the marketing, sale, distribution, or identification of your products or services. 

If you fail to discontinue use of said Trademarks, any and all legal remedies will be pursued. 

This letter is not intended to be a full statement of the facts in this matter, nor is it a waiver of our rights and remedies, whether at law or equity, all of which are expressly reserved.


, Owner
Maximus Uncensored LLC

The Trademarks:

Sample list of the handles, names and titles which are owned by Maximus Uncensored LLC. This is a sample list only and may not include all trademarked handles, names and/or titles. It is not to be construed as a complete or definitive list.

Please immediately cease and desist using the listed trademarks below as well as anything containing the image or name of “Maximus” or “Max” or any variation thereof:

  • @Maximus_4EVR
  • @Maximus_Legacy
  • @Maxiumus_Forever
  • @Maximus_Prince
  • @Maximus_Paulus
  • @Maximus_Unchained
  • Max Warriors
  • Max’s Angels
  • Mad Max Twitter Room
  • Apocalypse Twitter Room
  • Maximus Premium
  • Max’s Garage
  • Maximus Uncensored
  • Max Radio
  • Max Broadcast
  • Civics Maximus
  • Sir Maximus Drake
  • Maximus Drake
  • Sir Maximus Derrida
  • Maximus Derrida
  • Max Derrida
  • @MaxReborn
  • Maxim

The use of these trademarks is strictly prohibited and constitutes trademark infringement under state and federal law.